Ed Buckingham- 7 Summits

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26th July 2017
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25th August 2017

Ed Buckingham- 7 Summits

Antarctica's equivalent of the outback in Australia

Imagine having the chance to climb the highest mountain in the world. Imagine being the First and only Cornishman to date to climb Everest. In 2011 on the 21st of May for 20mins after nine hours of climbing I stood on, “Top of the World.”

Lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself after fracturing my foot playing football eating copious amounts of pringles and chocolate digestive biscuits. I was watching a Wish You Were Here program following a charity trek going up Kilimanjaro. Something triggered in my mind that appealed to me. This would be a life-changing moment for postman Ed Buckingham.

Kilimanjaro would be the catalyst for a journey that would take me to the highest mountains on each continent conquering peaks such as Aconcagua, Denali, Everest and Vinson at the first time of asking. For a postman coming from his native origin of Cornwall a huge and potentially fatal catalogue of ventures. Besides the logistics and the cost there is the severe altitude and climatic conditions to consider.

Everest was the biggest hurdle in terms of the magnitude in height and depleted lack of oxygen. Entering into, “The Death Zone” you are seriously on borrowed time and a race against dying! Once that was conquered I wanted to complete the other two continents of Australasia and Antarctica becoming the first Cornishman to do so.

My biggest achievement is getting back safely and returning to day to day life and work. For that I am extremely grateful for. Coming back down is harder taking into account the dehydration, sleep deprivation, lack of food and lack of oxygen. One small mistake can prove fatal. It is when you learn about your mental strength. I was recognised by the Cornish Gorsedh for Exceptional Endeavour in 2013 for raising my St Piran’s on Everest.

In between funding and getting myself to the final two continents I have raised money for the British Heart Foundation, authored a book and started speaking about Everest and Antarctica. It gives me great pleasure speaking to groups or going into schools. Besides my equipment that fascinates the pupils I am now using virtual reality and nose clips more commonly used in swimming. In a small way this is trying to simulate what it is like climbing with a lack of oxygen.

My book was successfully published in 2016 and I would like to further my speaking into motivational and inspirational targeting business and after dinner speaking.

More details can be found at:
or email me at edwardbuckingham895@msn.com

Here you can find details on how to obtain a signed copy of my book or book me as a speaker. I tailor make it to what the customer wants.

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