Our Team

Myles Lockwood

Founder & Director

History: Myles formed Lockstone Design in 2003 with a vision to create stunning graphic visuals for South West publications, he soon realised the gap in the market for his own publication and so 1 year later the Oracle Magazine was born. Since 2003 Myles added a print brokerage called Lockstone Print & Media, 2 more publications called Business Card Xpress and The Plympton Magazine.

Expertise: Sales & Marketing for print and digital media, New business Start-ups, design for print and event organisation.

Tom Coles

Senior Graphic Design / Print Manager

History: Tom graduated from Plymouth Collage of Art & Design with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design in the summer of 2008, that same year he started work at Oracle Magazine as a junior graphic designer. Tom has shown a passion for print media and soon became a key role player in Lockstone Print & Media, offering quality design for print services. He now runs the day to day handling of Lockstone as a leading print brokerage, but still gets involved with the other publications.

Expertise: Professional design for print, direct mail & marketing. Knowledge of print processes. Semi-pro Photographer.

Lara Phillips

Design Editor for OM and Plympton Magazine

History: Lara studied her Diploma in Fine art and Design at Plymouth College of Art, graduating in 2016. Whilst studying at College, Lara realised her real passion was portrait painting and since has transformed a room in her house as a private studio. Since finishing College she has used the skills gained from her experience acquired from running the day to day jobs working in a gallery where her work is exhibited, she used to become the Design Editor for OM Media Group. Using her knowledge of design software to create adverts for clients, she also researches, writes and designs the layout of editorials and articles for both OM and the Plympton Community Magazines. Lara is also responsible for updating the company’s social media pages and websites.

Expertise: Painting, Graphic Design, typesetting, creative writing, social media.

Emma Corry

Accounts Director

History: Emma has been running the day to day accounts for the business since 2009. Emma is in charge of all customers invoicing, collections, orders, payroll and day to day transactions. Emma is also responsible for all compliance and data sensitivity issues. Emma is responsible for Health and Safety within the companies.

Expertise: Money Handling, Xero, Sage, Customer Service, Book Keeping, Account Management, First Aid, Health and Safety.

Matt White

Sales Manager

History: Matt graduated from Plymstock School in 2015 with A Levels in English Language & Literature, Media Studies, Psychology and Nard Bashing. He promptly left to work and travel down under in Australia & New Zealand. In 2017, Matt was introduced to the world of sales when he started working as a door to door electricity salesman in Sydney and within a matter of months he had earned himself the coveted title of fourth highest selling agent in Australia. It was this experience that led him to Melbourne in 2018 to work as a Travel Agent before finally coming home to Plymouth in 2019. He now manages the accounts for OM Media Group and is known by those close to him as 'The Sandwich King' and 'Big Geeza'.

Expertise: Sales, Creative Writing, Digital Marketing, Semi-Professional Hiker, Professional Dub Smasher